Real estate rent Banja Luka

Renting an apartment should be simple. You should meet with your future tenants in a pleasant atmosphere and provide them with a comfortable stay in an apartment or a house.
In a very dynamic real estate market, which Banja Luka is currently, a new set of real estate units for renting appear every day.
Commit the renting of an apartment or a house to our agency and secure your real estate to be seen by the largest number of potential tenants, and also secure the biggest possible market value.
The Condo has a rich offer of the apartments in various locations accommodated to your everyday needs. It makes no difference whether you need accommodation during your studies, business trip or for a separate life, our agency is here to combine your wishes and needs with the current offer of apartments in Banja Luka. Give us your trust and we will find you the best possible location for an apartment or a house, with the best prices. It makes no difference if you want to live downtown, periphery, dynamic surroundings or in a quiet place, we are here to help you find an offer that completely suits your wishes.

2 600 KM
  Mise Stupara
m2 130
600 KM
  Kralja Alfonsa 6
m2 53
550 KM
  Skendera Kulenovica
m2 40
1 000 KM
  Prvog Krajiskog Korpusa
m2 50
25 KM
  Kralja Petra II, br. 17
m2 470
430 KM
  Bulevar Cara Dusana
m2 57
650 KM
  Akademika Jovana Surutke
m2 48
900 KM
  Jevrejska 16
m2 90
430 KM
  Carice Milice
m2 39
500 KM
m2 38
330 KM
  Sime Miljuša 17
m2 30
400 KM
  Milana Karanovica 54
m2 42
500 KM
  Kralja Alfonsa XIII
m2 36
600 KM
  Jovana Ducica 26
m2 56
480 KM
  Slobodana Kusturica 15
m2 45
700 KM
  Stepe Stepanovica bb
m2 60
600 KM
  Bulevar srpske vojske bb
m2 48
800 KM
  Branka Copica 5
m2 83
700 KM
  Novice Cerovica
m2 70